High School Ministry

Our mission is to draw students into relationships they trust that will help them grow spiritually and become happier, healthier people.


We invite high school students to join Christian and Mary during 1st service (9:30 am) in the Coffee Shop Classroom to share in a conversation surrounding God’s Word. This is a time of study and fellowship as they learn to read, interpret, and discuss the topics of scripture together.  Following this, students are encouraged to join 2nd service (11:00 am) in the Sanctuary, where they can worship and learn about God within the greater church body. 


Call or text Christian anytime at 949.303.9710.

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Youth Group

High school youth group meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30 pm in the MVCC Coffee Shop. Here they enjoy time together as they get connected with other students and leaders. The evening is full, and everything that we do is for the purpose of fostering relationships through meaningful connections. We share in food, games, worship, and Bible teachings with the hope that students will build a firm foundation for faith. We end the night with small groups where students can engage the lesson at a deeper level.


Throughout the year we do several events for outreach. These events help cultivate community and long-lasting relationships that help to nurture a fruitful life in Christ. Events include Pumpkin carving, service projects, Christmas event, winter trips/retreat, girls and boys events (campfire, nail party, fishing trip, movie night), Sunday breakfasts and summer camp.

Ministry Opportunities

We encourage high school students to become involved in leadership by using their God-given gifts. We help connect them within the following ministries:

  • H2 Junior High Ministry Assistant
  • Greeting ministry
  • Coffee Shop ministry
  • Loving Table ministry
  • Children’s Sunday school assistant
  • Midweek mentoring & discipleship