Welcome to Our Community

If you are reading this you are very likely on the difficult journey of finding a church you can call home. We understand how challenging that can be and hope this “window” into our fellowship is helpful.

We are a medium-sized church set in a diverse community here in the Willamette Valley. We enjoy the fact that our church family is made up of different ethnic groups and different age groups that come together around God and His Word.

Our worship is somewhat eclectic as we are a family with diverse tastes. We base our teachings on the Scriptures, rather than opinion. We teach through the Bible and occasionally a topical series. We also work hard to stay close to the essential commands of Christ and so take relational discipleship very seriously. Our mission is to build up healthy Christians and churches.

We hope you will join us, but pray you find your most excellent fit wherever that may lead you.

God bless your journey,

Mid Valley Community Church Welcome