Ministries supported by MVCC, so they may further the Gospel around the globe.

Mid Valley Community Church Missions

Matthew & Chelsea Connor

Matt and Chelsea Connor currently reside in Papua, Indonesia with their four children: Indeah, Josiah, Dylan, and Ezra. They support Bible translation and other ministries in the interior of Papua by serving as dorm parents at a  school for missionary kids. They currently have 11 high school kids in their dorm. They love serving missionary kids for this season and are happy to be filling in for a huge need. Their long-term goal is to transition to serving Bible translation teams in Papua through Bible-based songwriting workshops, trauma healing ministry, parenting classes, and alcohol addiction recovery.

Mid Valley Community Church Missions

Peggy Arendt

Peggy Arendt is the Community Development Resource Facilitator for Reach Global. Her role is to help global churches understand the importance of the biblical worldview and how God has called the church to be a window of His love for their communities. Reach Global targets communities of the most marginalized in countries around the world; part of their ministry is also to reach out to those who are susceptible to human trafficking. Peggy is based out of Spokane, Washington but travels throughout the world.

Mid Valley Community Church Missions

Paul & Becky Geary

Paul and Becky Geary have been in West Borneo, Indonesia since 1998 working in partnership with the Indonesian Christian Bethesda Hospital Foundation. The vision of Bethesda Hospital Foundation is to partner with believers from every tribal, cultural, educational and economic background to be an instrument for spreading the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ to as many people as can possibly be reached through the avenue of health care. The hospital provides care that is competently and compassionately given, especially reaching out to those who are isolated and forgotten, poverty stricken and lacking in formal education.

Mid Valley Community Church Missions

Pedro & Maria Espinoza

Pastor Pedro was on staff at Mid Valley Community Church for 4 years when he returned to his home country of Leon, Nicaragua. Since returning, MVCC has helped to build a thriving church in Central America and has fully supported both Pedro and the Worship Pastor for Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana de Nicaragua, working in partnership with them.

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Mid Valley Community Church Missions

Smile Train

Mid Valley Community Church supports this ministry through the proceeds from the church’s Coffee Shop and offerings from children’s church. Smile Train is a non-profit organization whose mission is to repair cleft palates of the most impoverished children around the world through surgery.

Mid Valley Community Church Missions

Mim’s – CHINA

Due to the political hostility towards Christianity in China we need to protect the identity of our missionary, “Mims” and we cannot give details as to the nature of the ministry. Pray that the underground church in China continues to grow and that Mims is able to have a strong impact in the lives of those he/she works with. Mims was married the summer of 2017 and gains not just a spouse but a ministry partner.