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Baby Dedications

At MVCC, baby dedications are when parents stand before the congregation and the Lord in order to commit to raising their children in a Christ-centered home. Equally, the congregation commits to standing beside the parents in order to support them and encourage the children towards a life spent walking with Jesus. If you call MVCC home and you’d like to have your child(ren) dedicated in our next dedication service on a Sunday morning, please fill out the form above and we will contact you when the next one is scheduled.

Foundations of the Faith Class

This class is offered to those who would like to go back to the foundations of their faith. We’ll cover topics like baptism, communion and more as we look to the scriptures for the basics of what we believe as Christians. This class is great for both new believers and those who would like to study the foundations of their faith.


MVCC typically offers two baptisms per year – During the Easter morning services (indoors) and at our Annual River Baptism and Picnic (outside). We require all participants in baptism to go through a short study on Sunday mornings leading up to the baptism. If you’d like more information about water baptism at MVCC or would like to sign up for the next one, please use the form above to put your name on the list and we will contact you when the next class/baptism is offered.


At MVCC, we strongly believe in and follow Jesus’ call in Matthew 28 to “go and make disciples.” To grow in our faith is a choice. You have to choose it, to want it. We need to be in relationship with others who also desire growth. Discipleship group is where women and men meet in small groups for the express purpose of applying Scripture to life in relational discipleship. If you are interested, please contact the MVCC office so we can discuss further with you!